The Victor Hugo Centre

A hub for inspiration, creativity and enrichment

One centre.
Three inspirational purposes.

The Victor Hugo Centre will be an exciting, interactive and immersive celebration of global icon Victor Hugo and the unique inspiration he found in Guernsey.

The Centre will be a multi-purpose cultural and educational venue located on the island of Guernsey, the place Victor Hugo called his ‘rock of hospitality and freedom’, where he made his home for 15 years.

This world-class centre will comprise three distinct elements:-

  • Museum & Interpretation Centre
    engaging visitors in a captivating interactive and immersive exploration of Hugo’s extraordinary genius - his literary, artistic and social achievements - with insights into his Guernsey and how the island inspired him.
  • Performance & Event Space
    providing a platform for showcasing contemporary local and international creative talent and exhibitions, and available for use by the community.
  • Learning Hub
    where schools and students can learn about Victor Hugo and also discover new approaches to education, embracing Hugo's passionate advocacy for universal learning.

The Centre will be a significant addition to the creative and community life of the island as well as a gateway attraction for tourists and visitors, bringing associated economic benefits and enhancing cultural diplomacy and understanding.

It will be accessible and open to all throughout the year. 

The Centre

The Centre will be accessible, multi-generational, educational, immersive and interactive.

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Our team is designing and creating a Centre that will provide educational, cultural, tourism and economic benefits for Guernsey.

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The Victor Hugo Centre in Guernsey will become known internationally.

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