“The human soul has still greater need of the ideal than of the real. 
It is by the real that we exist; it is by the ideal that we live.”
During the 15 years that Victor Hugo lived in Guernsey, he was inspired by the island’s landscape, its people and the dramatic and ever-changing sea.

Whilst in Guernsey, he experienced a creative renaissance where he wrote and completed many of his most famous works including Les Misérables, Les Travailleurs de la Mer (“Toilers of the Sea”), Les Contemplations (“Contemplations”), La Legende des Siècles (“The Legend of the Ages”), and much more.

The Victor Hugo Centre will bring Hugo’s legacy in literature, drama and art to life. Every generation reinterprets his work, as exemplified by the musical, Les Misérables. 

It will celebrate the contemporary relevance of his passionate social advocacy for human rights, freedom of expression, social justice and universal education - themes that are as pertinent to the 21st century as they were in his own time. 

While in Guernsey Hugo immersed himself in island life and met people from all backgrounds. Like the man, the Victor Hugo Centre will be a big part of the local community – a hub for creativity and events, a centre for learning and educational development and of course a museum where islanders, as well as visitors, can learn about Guernsey’s most globally celebrated local resident. 

The Victor Hugo Centre will be a gateway attraction for Guernsey and will become a focal point for international interest in Hugo, alongside other venues which celebrate Hugo’s life and work, including Maison de Victor Hugo in Paris, France and Casa Victor Hugo in Havana, Cuba. Guernsey’s Victor Hugo Centre will be the first English language based museum and interpretation centre dedicated to Victor Hugo’s life and legacy.

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