Laura Harrison - Operations Manager

At Victor Hugo’s ‘birthday party’ held on February 26th, Larry Malcic, the chairman of the Victor Hugo Centre, announced the appointment of Laura Harrison as Operations Manager. Larry said: ‘The reason that we have appointed Laura is due to the increasing activity of the Centre project as momentum builds.’

Laura is a qualified GP with over twenty years of experience. However, she has stepped back from that role recently and now works in the charity sector, in particular for the Pollinator Project and now the Victor Hugo Centre.

Laura will work for the Centre two days a week covering everything from keeping records and contact details, and supporting the directors and the sub-committees, to research, preparing grant and donor applications, developing and coordinating events including educational programmes, and generally promoting the Centre.

Having grown up in Guernsey, she is passionate about the future of the island and excited to be involved in the creation of the Victor Hugo Centre.

Welcome Laura.